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Experience Death To Live Life

I had my second jab today at the COVID-19 vaccination centre.

After the shot, I was one among other people in the 15-minute waiting area.

Some people were reading books. In contrast, others were browsing the phone while the rest impatiently looked at the watch.

And then we heard a fire alarm!

BEEP… BEEP… BEEP…The warden started the procedure for evacuating people outside the building. People began panicking despite knowing whether it was a true or false alarm. I was one of them.

I wanted to get out of the building as soon as possible. My hand was feeling heavy after the vaccination shot. I was feeling dizzy. But not anymore.

I forgot about my pain. On the contrary, I felt a spark inside my body.

The glimpse of death taps a hidden source to produce enormous energy in life.

Although the pandemic has changed the way we pursue the world, the fundamental of life and death hasn’t changed. It will never change. Whatever we inject into our body to fight with Coronavirus, it’s not as powerful as experiencing death.

We seek inspiration to live a healthy and longer life. In reality, all we need is a gentle reminder.

We have a brief life.

We don’t have time.

We are mortal.

We don’t have time for poisonous people and their words.

Nothing inspires more than the experience of death, not even life.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? I would like to know your story.




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