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I am a Cyber Security Professional and an Indie Filmmaker, an Indian living in Australia. 

I am on a quest to create thought-provoking films for an authentic audience.  

I write stories from my perspective and what drives me for content creation. I also sketch and write Cybersecurity articles under Dave On Cyber.

A minimalist, a chai lover, and a film fanatic obsessed with black-and-white art. I am one of those rare Indians who don’t watch Cricket. I have a lifetime love affair with books.



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Filmmaking Projects

3:46 PM Anthology Web Series

Chakr (The Cycle)

Love Is Not In The Glass





Project Digital Minimalism 

Digital Minimalism – An Introduction

Don’t Let Your Laptop Sleep

RIP What’s App



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My Love Affair With Books

I Don’t Watch Cricket

Experience Death To Live Life

I Was Offended


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How I Develop My Story

Why Maker A Short Film?

Making A Film For the Audience vs Yourself

Don’t Waste Money On Film Festivals

Use This Technique For Content Writing


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