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First Video on YouTube

I published my first video on YouTube. Hooray! It feels so great. I shot a few videos during the pandemic last year and I was still scared to publish them. Last week, I got an email from YouTube that there is no activity on my channel and they might cancel the partnership. The fear inspired me more than any motivational book. 

You can watch how I develop my story with non-linear formula. Many more are in the pipeline. 


Growing Beard

I am growing a beard. It feels great. Most of the people in my life cannot digest. Even I think, why? Am I lazy? Or is my beard is a metaphor for growth that I pour into my writing, movies and life? 

I don’t know. I will grow as long I don’t get arrested!


Cyber Sketches

I love my niche cybersecurity category. I write content on security concepts, industry news and express exaggerated humour.

There is no engagement from the audience yet, but reachability and visibility are fantastic. I liked LinkedIn’s free analytics and the organic algorithm.


Lucky Ali

I get overwhelmed with a lot of excellent content on the Internet. So, my minimalist approach is to handpick one person I admire from my favourite category and consume everything about them.

I listen to Lucky Ali’s song in my car. I play his songs every day on my Ukulele. I read everything about him available on the Internet. I also searched for his selected interview on YouTube. Maybe I will write an article on him because there is a story!



I was fortunate to find Austin Kleon’s STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST in Dymocks. It’s a special 10th-anniversary edition. Every word, page and sketch in the book is art! I still want to collect other books.

I am reading James Clear’s ATOMIC HABITS and writing notes.

I am reading CISSP’s Security Operation module to understand the bigger picture.



I have completed the shooting of the upcoming anthology web series project 3:46 PM that I have been working on since the pandemic started. Now it’s in post-production. It’s not going to be a straightforward exercise.

The “now” movement inspires this page. Check out my official page on nownownow.

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