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Melbourne is free

After breaking the record for the world’s most lockdown city, Melbourne is finally back to life. Honestly, I don’t feel that great as lockdown worked out well for me. Although I couldn’t shoot my film project, I wrote a lot. I read a lot. I was working on this website’s content and minimal design. Also, I learned how to solve Rubik’s cubes.



I am reading CISSP Domain 3 and publishing articles from my learning. I read Satyajit Ray’s short stories on lazy Sunday afternoon. The characters and story world are so diverse that it feels like I am reading from multiple authors.  



I have published my perspective articles. Still, there are many in the drafts. Look forward to polishing and publishing. 



My anthology web series project 3:46 PM was on hold due to lockdown. Now, I am realigning actors and crew to lock some shooting dates.



I am in love with sketching so much that you will see them all over my website. I have started creating a digital sketch and using it in the articles and on-page header. The best thing about sketching is layers. It doesn’t require perfection. Every sketch is an evolution. It gets better with strokes. Perhaps, I will create a separate section on this site to share my work.  

I recently created a Pinterest header image and updated my connect page.

I launched my dedicated Instagram feed DAVESKCH for hand drawing sketches. I will merge my digital sketch portfolio on Instagram. 

This page is inspired by the “now” movement. Check out my official page on nownownow.

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