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3:46 PM Anthology Web Series Released

3:46 PM is finally completed. I was overwhelmed with support from my fans and friends.


Watch all 3:46 PM episodes, read scripts and check out posters here.



I bought a domain for Dave On Cyber. I continue to write on my Medium blog and plan to build a website to consolidate all the articles and cyber sketches. My recent article is How I Passed CISSP – Strategy, Tactics, Material & Creativity


Reading For Myself

I read multiple books throughout the week, depending on my mood spectrum. Below is the current list for the next 3-6 months.

I read Vagabonding. I knew deep inside the core difference between a tourist and a traveller. However, the book has enhanced my perspective on a different level. The book has peeled many layers within me to view the world as one family. 

Cal Newport’s DEEP WORK is shaking my fundamentals of doing the work. It’s the most influential book I read in a while. It is a reality check and an essential guide to distraction and digital noise.

I completed part of The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday for March 2023. They tried a new process. I start my day by reading one quote and the explanation. I transform the explanation further with my words in my visual book notes. I want to repeat it for 31 days. I may or may not continue.


Storytelling & My Son

I created and told countless original bed stories to my son. Since he started listening, I have made a story with few characters. The genre kept evolving, and now he is into superheroes. I tried a few stories with stereotype twists, and he loved it!

I am running out of ideas. He is 8. I have a huge collection of Reader’s Digest. Recently, I would pick an adventure story or any life drama article and read it aloud to my son. I told him to interrupt me anytime, for anything. I would stop and feed his curiosity.

The other day, we read an article about how a man fought with a leopard to save a three-year-old girl. Also, I read a story about a professor who reinvented his teaching style to confront naughty kids with emotional intelligence. 

Last night, I picked up classic Malgudi Days and read a story about The Blind Dog. It was about a dog who became a companion to a blind man. 

The “now” movement inspires this page. Check out my official page on nownownow.

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