Dave Krunal


Content Filmmaking

I am writing the Content Filmmaker’s Mindset booklet.



I am one of those who love to read multiple books. I also read various books to my son. This page is not meant to update frequently as I intend to take notes, digest the material over many months.


Completed writing for my four episodic anthology web series 3:46 PM for YouTube.

We have completed rehearsals for two episodes. The rest of the rehearsals are on hold due to snap lockdown in Melbourne. I am still hoping to wrap the production by August end.

Rubik’s Cube

I took the initiative to solve Rubik’s cube in the family. My wife, son and I own each Rubik’s cube. We are committed to learn and solve the puzzle. My long-term goal is to solve Rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds. So far,

  • Learned how to complete the Daisy
  • Learned to make four white cross pattern
  • Completed one side (white color) of the cube


Badminton is our go-to family sport. I play badminton on Sundays and practise with my son on Thursdays. He goes to professional training on Sundays. I have just bought a lightly feathered racket for him. He can’t wait to get back to court when lockdown is over.

This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s “now” movement. Check-out here.

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