Dave Krunal

films, photograph, perspectives & philosophy


Digital To Analog

I switched to square photography in the spring of 2023. It was minimal but still digital. I bought Fuji SQ-40 in December and started capturing analog photographs. It’s part of my digital minimalism project. I am content so far with fewer and less meaningful photos. A lot of articles are in draft to express all of this. 

I am now creating my Varanasi Polaroid Photo Journal. The page is in development, but feel free to check it out.


One Pose. Hundred Places.

I am exploring 100 places around Melbourne for Project One Pose. Hundred Places. The idea is to explore hidden trails, waterfalls and interesting historic places around Melbourne and Victoria. I will take a Polaroid photo with the same for each place.

I am sticking each photo in an album with my writing and experience of taking and feel of the place.

I have explored 8 places as of 25th May 2024


Redefining Notes – My Second Brain

I have redefined my Obsidian workflow for taking notes. For any material I consume from the Internet or at work, I take fleet notes or literature notes. I go through the notes I take throughout the day and jot down my Obsidian with Context A. But, the real magic starts when I stretch my thinking and connect the idea with Context B, and that’s my permanent notes. 

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Updated on 25th May, Tuesday 2024

The “now” movement inspires this page. Check out my official page on nownownow.