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3:46 PM Anthology Web Series

I started writing and developing concepts at 3:46 PM. It’s a four-episodic anthology web series that explores the mysterious dimension of time. I release the trailer. It was a hell of an experience driving this solo since its inception. Certainly, there is a lot of limitation, but I feel grateful for creating a good piece of art. It felt like making four short films in one year!

I want to organize a premiere in the city for the cast and crew. All the episodes will be available to watch on YouTube.


Dave On Cybersecurity

I exported all the cybersecurity-related articles to my old blog and now it’s called

Dave On Cyber Security 

The purpose of this is to sanitize and get clarity on my thoughts. Dave Krunal, this site is focused on filmmaking, my insights on the industry, reviews on hand-picked films and my journey as an indie filmmaker



I am so excited to see my parents coming to Australia. Especially after COVID-19 and the break of many years, they will finally stay here longer. I look forward to exploring more places with them and having quality family time. 

The “now” movement inspires this page. Check out my official page on nownownow.

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