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Don’t Let Your Laptop Sleep

I put my laptop to sleep after work. I never shut down. I do it for two reasons: It takes less time when I log back in. I do not lose my browser tabs. There is no drastic time difference to get the login screen. Sometimes it takes longer if the machine installs updates. The […]

Be The Second Mouse

Frank Abagnale’s two mice story elevated minimalism within me to redefine who I am. Click on the sketch to read the story.

I Was Offended

A man’s harsh comment on my beard offended me in 2012. My revenge after eight years in 2021 ended in a shocking and unexpected way.

Why Do You Want To Create Content?

Before you decide what to create, it’s crucial to know why you want to create? Are you happy to be part of the perspective, or do you want to create your own perspective?

I Don’t Watch Cricket

Would you watch a game because it’s a good sport or because you belong to a specific identity or country?

Be A “Now” Creator

There is no perfect timer to express your creativity. It’s now. You have to start somewhere.