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Why Do You Want To Create Content?

If you are reading this page, you are a creator.

You don’t need validation. It’s a matter of time.

You want to create content but are not sure where to start.

You may or may not have clarity about what to create. There is a voice deep down in your heart that wants to express an idea. If so, you are a few questions away to begin the journey.

First, think about lots of WHYs. WHAT, WHERE and HOW come later.

Content creation is everywhere. You already consume paid ads, social media posts, product discounts, radio news, travel offers, restaurant menus and book promotions. It’s inevitable. You are part of it unless you want to look at the bigger picture.

Are you happy to be part of the perspective, or do you want to create your own perspective?

The above question is my primary driving factor in boosting creativity. Some awesome people create incredible products, Information and services to impact society or the way we think. We, as a consumer, consume it. However, for some of us, our job doesn’t finish there because we are creators.

Why do we have tendencies to take?

Why not give it back?

Why not contribute?

Why not influence?

Suppose your creation impacts one life on this planet earth. Why not create?

At the core, you can start creating content with basic forms.

It doesn’t matter what you create. The only thing matters are that you create.

Before you pick your content form, you have to ask that WHY question in diverse ways continuously.

Why do you want to write or draw or compose or shoot video or record sound?

You can write as many answers as you can with the below kind of list.

Despite all of the above questions, you are still missing the ultimate one.

Do you want to create content for happiness or to seek attention?

Are you happy while you create content, or will you be happy after getting attention from people? These are two completely different things. There is a difference between joy and gratification.

You kill creativity when your fundamental value focuses on views, likes, comments, or followers. You will not sustain. Instead, you can shift your focus from outcome to process.

If you are happy while you write, draw or create anything, it’s a different story. Although an idea to add value to the audience is still there, but it’s not result-driven. Your approach is now system driven. Therefore, you will play a long game.

Falling in love with the process is like a marriage. A quick outcome is like a one night stand.

As a creator, you are in love with the process more than an outcome. That doesn’t mean you can create anything. What you create has to add value for the audience. It still has to align with your audience’s needs and interests.

Whatever you create is already unique and beautiful. All you have to learn is to blend life-changing value with the art for your audience.

Creating value-added content for the audience is not about perfect delivery. It’s about the craft.

The craft is an accumulation of average and not-so-bad work throughout a long time.  That’s the only way to create.



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