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Don’t Ask To Subscribe

“Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell icon to get the notification.”

If I get a dollar every time I listen to the above line, I would be a millionaire!

I know it’s an exaggerated expression. But you got the idea.

According to technical books and articles on building the audience, you have to ask your readers and viewers to subscribe. I beg to differ.

You don’t have to make noise because people are far more intelligent than you think.

When an adult creates content for an adult, it’s safe to assume that you are dealing with a sensible human being. They are superior at deciding whether to subscribe to a channel or newsletter.

The subscription is a crucial part of growing your audience. I want it, but I don’t want to spoonfeed my prospective audience.

Then how are you going to get new subscribers?


You can provide a provision where your viewers or readers can see the “subscribe” button for the YouTube channel or newsletter.

That’s it.

Your job is to create value-added content, not dictate your viewers’ decision-making process. It’s like you doubt their ability.


  1. Your content adds value to their life.
  2. Your content solves their problems.
  3. Your content empowers them.

If you are making their life easy, they will find a way to get notified.

Don’t ask to subscribe. Let people decide what’s best for them. 



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