Dave Krunal

films, photography and perspectives


The organic traffic has brought you here because I don’t use ads!

Or maybe it’s your curiosity to know more about me. Either way, I am glad.

I created this page to save you time. This page will give you a high-level snapshot of what you can consume from my site. I have diverse interests and passions, but still, it’s limited.

I want to check what Dave is up to.

I want to watch Dave’s Web Series.

I want to watch Dave’s Short Films.

I want to read Dave’s Polaroid photo journal stories

Nah! Let me glance at his photography.

I want to watch Dave’s curated short films.

I want to create content, but I am unsure where to start.

I want to read articles in the form of stories and perspectives.

I want to watch Dave’s behind-the-scenes videos and creative process.

I want to drop a message to Dave.

I will update this page as I pick a new interest or anything that excites me.

If none of the above interests you, I am glad you visited my site.

Thank you.