Dave Krunal

Short Films


My debut short film, 4 x award-winning mystery thriller without dialogues.

A man finds an old Polaroid camera that leads his curiosity to the unexpected encounters.

Chakr – The Cycle

Based on domestic violence events that I witnessed in my neighbourhood.

Chakr (The Cycle) is a 3 x award-winning time-travel thriller film about an Uber driver whose night changed forever after dropping a lady passenger.

Love is not in the glass

A monologue about a transgender woman who tells her dating story.

The film focuses on gender equality and uses wine in the glass as a metaphor to explore the question – what does matter, a body with a soul or a soul in the body?


3:46 PM Web Series

Episode 1 – 100th Tea (Drama)

One-line story – A woman drinks Tea with her ex-lover/ ghost for the last time.

Synopsis – Bella and Joseph were in love. But Joseph died due to a car accident. Bella has moved on and married Andrew. One day, Joseph’s ghost comes and visits Bella at 3:46 PM. He asks for the Tea and reveals that he has wandered for years in the after-death realm and managed to see her every day at 3:46 PM to drink Tea for 100 days. This episode is about their farewell, a last tea, the 100th one.


Episode 2 – Feed Me (Horror)

One-line story – A nurse becomes frightened by an older woman’s behaviour as she demands food beyond her capacity.

Synopsis – Grace is a young nurse looking after Maggi, an older woman with Parkinson’s and dementia. The episode tells a story where Maggi asks for food every two minutes. Her behaviour frightens Grace when Maggie reveals a scarecrow inside the wardrobe. Is Maggie lying, or is something about to come out at 3:46 PM?


Episode 3 – Writer’s Block (Psychological Thriller)

One-line story – A writer invites a sexy escort to clear his writing block.

Synopsis – Mark is writing a book where his protagonist (Dave) falls in love with a prostitute (Rebecca). In the book, Dave wants to know Rebecca’s real name, but she does not reveal it. Mark is stuck in the story and has writer’s block. To deal with his block, he calls a sexy escort (Rose) to learn more about her life and real name. However, their conversation takes turns when Rose reveals her real name.


Episode 4 -Doppelgänger (Sci-Fi Thriller)

One-line story – A paranoid programmer believes his code has opened the door to the parallel universe.

Synopsis – Adam, an introverted paranoid programmer, spends much time on the dark web during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. He uses one of the repo codes that he only shares with his friend Dave and believes that a door to the parallel universe has opened. He invites his friend Dave into the house and claims that his Doppelgänger is hiding there. Is Adam telling the truth? Or has he lost his mind?


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