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Short Films Curation

This page lists hand-picked short films that have inspired me to make films. Some are thought-provoking, some are scary, some raise the heartbeat, some are on black comedy, and some are beyond the imagination.

There are no spoilers except a few lines on what and why I like about each film.



This short is from India’s universally acclaimed filmmaker Satyajit Ray. It doesn’t have dialogues. On a surface level, the film looks like two kids comparing their toys. However, once you start decoding the layers, you can relate to war, discrimination and inequality in society.



ROOM NO 8 is one of the films that inspired my debut short film to explore the dark side of curiosity. It has an amusing concept with out of box thinking visual effects.



Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God and hunt themselves by a deadly religious sect. A mind-blowing concept with intense editing techniques.



Mouse X is a mind-bending film. As a Christopher Nolan’s fan, this movie seems like a spin-off from Memento and Inception.





This film has no dialogue. It explores the story world and character in the form of colours. It is one of the films that highly influenced my noir taste for cinema.



You will never see a stranger in the same way after watching this film. No dialogue. Such a beautiful piece of learning how to increase the organic tension without saying a word. A lot to decode from religious symbolism and racism.



Apricot is a notable film where all the layers compliment each other. Also, this is the only film that I prefer to listen to as well. It feels like a poem. The ending title background score has a nostalgic vibe.



Blackhole seems like a black comedy film until you realize it’s a story of every human’s greed and power.



Breathe is an exceptional creative horror film that blends curiosity, love and lust.



Hilarious film. It is the only film where the conversation between a father and a song is beyond the imagination.



I can never imagine how much tension and drama you can create with such a small place—incredible performance from the actor.



Inspiring film. For those who need a little push. As a content creator, all you need is the first step. What can you create from a tortilla chip?


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