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Raccoon is Awakened

It’s inspiring and disturbing when bad guys are more enthusiastic, persistent and passionate than security professionals.

A malware operation called “Raccoon Stealer” was shut down in March 2022 when a lead developer was killed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, the Raccoon has awakened from a deep sleep. And, the worse is yet to come!

The Raccoon Stealer steals private information, crypto wallets, browser cookies/ passwords and fingerprints. Pretty much, it covers all the authentication types:

Raccoon Stealer, a malware-as-a-service (MaaS), is available to their loyal hackers for $275 per month. Perhaps, the big launch is on its way for broader use.

Raccoon types of malware have come in the past and will continue to emerge in the future. To prevent this, we should go back to the fundamentals of security such as antivirus, VPN and secure password policy.

Above all, the management must also awaken from hibernation each financial year with a budget for security!






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