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Love Is Not In The Glass

Inspiration & Support for LGBT

It started with random questions.

“If I drink wine in a steel glass instead of a wine glass, would it still be wine? Would it still taste the same? Above all, would people or society still accept that I drink wine?”

I felt the above questions had a hidden metaphor. What if wine is a soul and glass is a body?

The idea developed into an organic and genuine support for the LGBT community who struggles for their rights and identity. I didn’t want to create a film to debate why someone feels like a woman in a man’s body or vice versa.

I intended to express a monologue of a transgender woman rejected after dating a man.



It isn’t easy to convey the core message within four minutes. The story is aftermath where Rebeckah being rejected by a man after she reveals her true identity. The monologue is in the present, where she shares her experience.

Cait was like an open book during the date. She was like a glass of wine.

People pay more attention to the cover of the book, not the content of the book. Society judges an individual identity with the body, not the soul. It’s all about the material of the glass, not the wine or drink itself.

The story, in the form of a monologue, depicts the above metaphor subtly.

Dave, who listens to her story, could be another date or her friend. He pours the wine from the wine glass into a mug. The ending questions not only Dave but also the audience, Is love in the glass, or is love not in the glass?

To Find The Real Transgender

I wanted to cast an actual transgender person for the film’s authenticity. I wandered to a few LGBT bars in Melbourne, and after months of search, I found beautiful Rebeckah Loveday from a casting call.

Rebeckah’s story inspired me. She was a man a decade ago and then transformed into a beautiful woman. She felt the monologue deep in her heart and decided to be part of the project.


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The script was barely two pages, and most dialogues were improvised on set.

Download the script.