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The Lapsus$ Teen?

Want to earn $20k per week?

Not an offer from me. The Lapsus$ cybercriminal group does. All you have to do is provide internal VPN/ VDI access.

I hope my sarcasm is transparent and not encouraging anyone to apply.

Lapsus$ is the trending buzzword in cyberspace that has successfully hacked some of the big fish. A lot of speculations and theories so far.

British police arrested seven teenagers in London, believing that they were the mastermind of Lapsus$. Some predict it’s just one 16-year old teen living with his mother 5-miles from Oxford College, while others suspect a teen from Brazil.

Or is it someone who is misleading everyone under the name of teens?

Lapsus$ Telegram channel has gained nearly 50k subscribers. They use social media for communication and to recruit internal employees.

You can check out the cyber sketch for the Samsung data leak. Here is my exaggerated version of “The Lapsus$ Teen.”

If you have anything interesting about Lapsus$ to share, please bring it in the comments.



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