Dave Krunal

Curious – Debut Short Film

Idea For Debut Short Film

I attended 3-month filmmaking course and produced a student short film with my batch. I Co-Directed the first scene of that short film. I didn’t learn much from the course besides fundamentals, but I hand-picked a few people and decided to produce my first short film, Curious.

Curiosity is good, but I wanted to explore the dark side. I had no story except a few things in my mind.

  • One character. One location. One conflict. One resolution.
  • Tell a story without or with minimal dialogue.
  • A guy, a Polaroid camera on the street, and his curiosity leads to unexpected encounters.
  • Boil the protagonist to the extreme level.

The script came out with a bizarre plot yet an engaging flow. Curious had 13 special effects. I intended to learn the end-to-end filmmaking process with auditions, location scouting, rehearsals, storyboarding, production and exploring the world of film festivals.


Crowd Funding

I launched a crowdfunding site on Pozible to raise $2500. I raised $800, a pretty generous gesture from friends and family. I  realized that you never do crowdfunding unless you have a built-in audience or it’s part of the social movement.


Curious Story Board & Script

Download Curious Storyboard

Download Curious First Draft

Download Curious Final Script


Curious Trailer


Curious Short Film


Curious Posters


Curious Behind The Scene

I was fortunate to collaborate with Kelly Sheeran. He is an industry expert who was Curious’s on-set special effect supervisor and colourist.


Phil Lambert composed the original score for Curious. The film didn’t have much dialogue, so the music was an integral part of the storytelling.

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