Dave Krunal

Content Filmmaker’s Mindset

The Internet is overwhelmed with HOW-TOs for making a short film, what camera, lens, editing software, and gears to use. However, I feel it’s not about filmmaking anymore. Every filmmaker is now a content creator. It’s a mindset shift.

In this booklet, I talk about

  • Why you are a content creator first and then a filmmaker?
  • What goes inside an independent filmmaker’s mind?
  • How to manage time with a full-time job, family and make a feature film?
  • What does it take to build an audience?
  • How not worry about people and create content that matters to you?

Content Filmmaker’s Mindset provides practical tools that need to be adapted before starting your journey as an indie filmmaker or content creator. It comprises the lessons and harsh truth I learned on my filmmaking journey that motivate me to create the content for my audience.

I aim to publish the booklet on 1st August 2021. It will be available to download for free. 

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