Dave Krunal

films, photograph, perspectives & philosophy


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Or you can ask me anything if I can help you in any way. Please don’t ask me to review your work or product. Not because I don’t have time. I think it’s an insult to yourself. Whatever you create, it’s unique to you and beautiful. 

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Email – write@davekrunal.com


I am on other social media platforms.

Facebook is slowly turning me off due to excessive ads. I don’t feel like being active there anymore except few shares about my films. The only thing I like is private groups for my film projects. Maybe I will delete my account one day. Not sure yet!

Instagram is where I regularly publish my love for black-and-white photography. I have also launched my dedicated Insta Feed DAVESKCH for my love for pencil sketches.

I like Twitter due to less noise compared to FB. I jot down my random thoughts with #clearthoughtdk