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Chakr (The Cycle) Project

Story Inspiration

I witness a domestic violence event in my neighbourhood. There were two Asian ladies. The older one was hitting, the younger one. I don’t know how a young lady was related; daughter or sisters. I could only see from a narrow window, and the visual was disturbing.

I called Crime Stoppers Australia and reported the event. Not sure what happened after that. But I had a bizarre idea in my mind.

What if you witness the event again from a different window?

Can I go back in time and learn what happened?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the perspective of the old and young ladies?

I wanted to make a low-budget film and decided my protagonist would witness such an event from a car.

A girl + A strange man + An honest Uber driver + One night + Murder + Time travel + Mystery + Time Loop

That’s how Chakr was born.

Chakr Trailer

Chakr Short Film

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SBS Podcast Interview

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