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An Enemy is Out There. Always.

If you don’t believe in pessimism, you shouldn’t be in cybersecurity.

When you shift your mind toward adopting Zero Trust Security and learn the first principle, the second principle is about being sceptical.

An assumed breach is a defeatist mentality: an enemy is always out there to attack. With Zero Trust, we also assume that the attacker is already inside.

There were pandemics in the past. However, for someone born in the 80s or 90s, COVID-19 felt like a one-off pandemic. But that’s not true. Bill Gates has already released his book “How To Prevent Next Pandemic”

There will be more pandemics in future. Bill Gates released his new book How to Prevent Next Pandemic.

When I raised concern about threats and provided recommendations for security controls to one of my clients, the management response was –

“We haven’t launched the app yet. Why do we have to spend money on security?”

My response was, “What makes you think that our application source code is secure in the development?”

The Zero Trust Architecture assumes breach at all layers. It’s good to be cynical to some extent and ingest pessimism to achieve optimism.






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